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Our Club

In Calgary, you have the ability to choose any club you desire. Foothills Soccer has consistently proven to be the best program in Alberta. WE BUILD CHAMPIONS!

Our mission is to provide top quality player development in an enjoyable and positive atmosphere.

• Have UEFA (European) Certified Technical Directors with professional playing and coaching experience provide and execute the soccer curriculum

• Follow European model of technical delivery, nuture relationships with Liverpool, Vancouver Whitecaps, Seattle Sounders, Royal Racing Montegne FC (Belgium), etc.

• Foothills has a tradition of excellence since 1972 due to a technical program which delivers consistent results.

• We are the number one youth club in Alberta per "The Canadian Club Championships" report written by Dick Labromas as posted on the Canadian Soccer Association website.

• Over the past 5 years Foothills sent the most teams to Alberta Tier 1 Provincials and Canadian National Championships than any Club in Alberta.

• Sent 8 teams to Club Nationals in the last 7 years with teams finishing 1st four times (National Champions), 2nd once, 3rd once, 4th once, and 5th once.

• More University (CIS) players than any other club in Canada. Currently, Foothills Soccer has 20 men's players playing in the CIS, and 10 women's players. Since 2004, they have produced a total of 29 men's CIS scholarships and 1 NCAA scholarship. While on the women's side, they have produced 10 CIS scholarships, and 17 NCAA scholarships.

• A fun, like - minded Playing Environment for ALL Players from U6 to U18, from Divisions 1 to 6.

• Younger players are mentored by Canadian National medalist trainers and alumni.

• We are a Club!

• We have club social events, team interactions, club tournaments, etc.

• The technical Directors know your team, and know your name.

• Our players support and train each other between age groups/tiers, players of different age groups/tiers and know each other due to Club inter-actions.

• Development of top quality Coaches, with our Coaches training each season.  

 We believe that through our lessons learned in soccer, we will help to develop essential life skills in our players that will be valuable for their future. We aim to develop players with excellent people skills, self-respect, confidence, resilience and a desire for self-improvement.

Fundamental Phase (U4-U8)

Foothills provides innovative & unique development opportunities for our players through fundamental skill games in a fun & positive soccer environment using the CSA long term player development. This is the start of our player development pathway. Foothills provides coaching education & resources to ensure our coaches are developing the latest and most innovative training techniques. Foothills has a structured grassroots operations where Foothills staff are easily accessible to our players, coaches & parents. 

U9-U19 Tier 1 Program

Our technical program is led by our club technical director Tommy Wheeldon Jr, who has earned his UEFA A coaching license. Our technical program provides our players with the best training opportunity to develop into total soccer players through elite level coaching. Our academy is led by Academy Manager Leon Hapgood, who is UEFA B certified. The tier 1-3 program focuses on the 4 corners development model (Technical, Tactical, Mental & Physical). We strive to achieve success by creating a challenging & positive training environment for our players. Our coaches utilize unique training methods, along with modern day coaching to ensure our players are on the correct development pathway. This model has created success for our club, which has sent 9 teams to CSA club national in 9 years, and expect to continue the success with our great staff & coaches.

U9-U19 Tier 2 & 3 Program

Our development academy is led by DA Manager Lee Tucker, who is also UEFA B certified. Lee is the only professional in Calgary that focuses on educating players at the tier 2 & 3 levels. Lee provides a positive learning environment for our players through innovative sessions & unique exercises to create a strong development pathway for our players. This leads to success in our program, as players each season are promoted to a higher level of play after participating in our development academy program.

U9-U19 Tier 4-6 Program

Our Tier 4-6 program is more focused on providing a fun and positive environment, in a less competitive environment. Wins & losses are not a major focus, however, it’s about ensuring our players love the experience, while learning at the same time. The tier 4-6 teams can participate in any additional programs offered to our Tier 1-3, however, this is optional and on a team by team basis. Our Tier 4-6 coaches are also provided coaching resources & materials, and opportunities for education, so they can learn the game and provide their knowledge to their players. The tier 4-6 program is offered to anyone that wishes to play soccer, with any ability. The focus is fun, and enjoying the experience.

Club Information

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